Dr. Goali, Psychologist, Author, Millennial Expert
Dr. Goali, Psychologist, Author, Millennial Expert
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Free Resources

Tips & Strategies • Worksheets • Tools

Free Resources


ABCs of Mood Worksheet

Download the ABCs of Mood Worksheet When you change the way you react to a perceived problem, it can enable you to find relief faster than if you were to try to change the circumstances. [read more]

Cognitive Distortions Explained

Download the Cognitive Distortions Worksheet It is common for everyone to engage in distorted thinking patterns from time to time. These patterns of thinking are sometimes referred to as thinking traps or cognitive distortions. [read more]

Mastering Emotions: Distress Tolerance

Download the Mastering Emotions Worksheet No one ever said navigating life as a millennial was easy. Coming of age in a time of financial uncertainty, high student debt, underemployment, family pressures, and romantic challenges have hit many millennials hard. [read more]

Perfectionism Primer

Download the Perfectionism Worksheet Perfectionism can mean different things to people. For some, it involves concern over mistakes, doubts about actions, personal standards, and the need to be organized. For others, it is related to parental expectations and criticism. [read more]

Sleep Checklist

Download the Sleep Checklist Evening is one of the most challenging times to ask teens to give up their phones and other devices. That’s the time when most teens text friends, have video calls, and browse their social media. [read more]


Download the Strengths Chart Some of the key building blocks of positive mood and overall emotional well-being include the following: [read more]

Thought Log

Download the Thought Log Worksheet Use the Thought Log to integrate everything you have been learning about identifying feelings, the ABCs of mood, and cognitive distortions. [read more]

Time Management for the Time Pressed

Download the Time Management Worksheet Developed by author and businessman Stephen Covey (2013), a “time management matrix” can help you manage all your competing demands once and for all. [read more]

Wellness Trifecta Worksheets

Download the Wellness Trifecta Worksheets In the ever-stimulating world of social media and screens, you may often feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster. [read more]

Additional Resources

14 Benefits of Teletherapy

Online counseling is the new frontier. Reasons to consider taking the plunge. In our digital revolution, innovation is ever rapidly changing our daily lives. [read more]

What is Micro Self-Care?

Self-care can be thought of in two primary ways: micro and macro. Micro self-care are the small daily touches you can add to your life that make a world of difference. [read more]

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